Episode Two – The Descent (Part 2)

Episode Synopsis

The conclusion to this two-part adventure picks up right where the first part left off.  We see the Cobra Pharmaceuticals building in ruin as The Baroness converses with Dr. Mindbender about mishaps at the lab and what might have happened to one of the Bio-Vipers.

As Mindbender hunts for his creation, Snake Eyes begins his own examination.  The Bio-Viper is revealed to be headed back towards a local town, aptly named “Springfield”.  There is a very nice scene at the beginning of the episode as well, with the Joes paying their respects to Ripcord, though it does come off somewhat clumsily.  Meanwhile, at the Cobra disaster site, General Hawk and Flint try to help, but are rebuffed by a secretive Baroness.  Unimpressed with Scarlett’s attempt to call in a favor with General Hawk (who essentially told them to turn themselves in), Duke turns to Lady Jaye for assistance, and we find out just who the Joes will be dealing with.

Some locals, who are as irritated with Cobra as Scarlett appears to be, are making a stand and refusing to leave as Cobra is placing a quarantine around Springfield, trying to keep the Bio-Viper penned in in order to clean up their mess.  These locals stumble upon a newly refreshed Bio-Viper just as the Joes make their return to Springfield, daring to go back to the scene of the crime.  The result is another face off against the blue gelatinous monstrosity.

Baroness shows up with some nice MARS weaponry just as the Joes figure out how to defeat the Bio-Viper.  Mindbender manages to talk The Baroness into holding off her assault, but soon wishes he hadn’t as his pet Bio-Viper is evaporated by the good guys.  At the same time, Flint and Lady Jaye confront Baroness, and shortly after the Joes dispatch the Bio-Viper, they have another conflict to face.

Learning how far back Duke and Flint’s history goes, we get some nice personal angst to go along with the military angle.  Flint seems eager to convict Duke before learning all of the facts, but Snake Eyes appears just in the nick of time and springs his fellow teammates.

As the Joes drive out of town, they flip a sarcastic salute to The Baroness, who reports her information to her boss…and we get our first glimpse of the man behind the mask.

Episode Review

Okay.  Now THIS is what I’m talking about.

I tried to step back and do reviews a single episode at a time…and while there was a lot to love about Episode 1, the end result left me wanting a little bit more.  Well, thankfully the second episode aired on the same night, and now that I’ve got more…  I’m sold.

As a single episode, I felt like Descent Part One was…empty.  Don’t ask me why.  It had conflict, it had action, it had everything you could want, but perhaps it was just the lack of a concrete resolution.  Well stepping back and looking at the first two-parter as a whole, dammit, this was great.

Maybe it was seeing Flint and Lady Jaye get some great screen time.  Maybe it was actually feeling the impact of Ripcord’s death.  Most likely it was the short conversation at the end between The Baroness and Cobra Commander where we once again hear the great Charlie Adler in his purely evil voice.  It sounded JUST LIKE the Resolute rendition, which was a pretty awesome touch.

It’s odd…I’m not sure how or why, but somehow the second episode improved the first to the point where the two-parter feels like a great 2-part episode, and the two episodes feel like great components of a larger whole.

That’s not to say things were perfect.  I really and truly hope that the Bio-Viper experiment is a “one and done” type of thing.  I think it was fine as a failed test subject, but if we see Bio-Vipers every week as a trooper replacement, I’m going to get pretty upset.  It was a fine one-off deal, but I want to see some human conflict, not blobs sprayed by weed killer.

Beyond that, though, the character interaction, the dialogue, the G.I. Joe “spirit” that I always talk about so much?  It’s all there, and it all works fantastically.  This two-parter started off a bit uneven, but ended on a very high note, and taken in as a whole, this was a terrific way to kick off the Renegades universe.

I absolutely cannot wait to start seeing more Cobra villains and Joe guest stars brought into the mix.  We’ve only gotta wait a week to see Major Bludd.  ROCK.

Good introduction, Hasbro and The Hub.  Can’t wait to see some more.

Screenshot Gallery (Courtesy of HissTank.com)

Episode Details

Original Air Date: November 26th, 2010
Writer: Marty Isenberg & Henry Gilroy
Director: Randy Myers

Easter Eggs

  1. Cobra Commander’s voice actor is Charlie Adler, who also played him in G.I. Joe: Resolute and played Low Light in the old Sunbow series