Episode Twenty-Two – Cutting Edge

Episode Synopsis

The episode starts at DeCobray’s compound, with Cobra guards walking the perimeter…but they’re not the only ones.  A mysterious female assailant in a state of the art tech suit silently weaves through the hallways, even as Destro, Cobra Commander, and the Baroness have a private meeting.

Cobra Commander inquires about a submersive transit system, and Destro assures him that things are on track, but suddenly the three are attacked by the female would-be assassin.  Cobra Commander and the Baroness slip away, but she is in hot pursuit, all the way to their Black Dragon helicopter.  Even as she tries to attack them in mid-air, Cobra Troopers come to the defense and the female attacker is sent hurtling to the ground, where she lands effortlessly, looking up at the escaping aircraft.

As the two fly out of the area, Cobra Commander is obviously incensed, thinking the Joes are behind the attack.  Baroness assures him it was not the Joes, and eases his fears about his safety as they head towards Cobra Tower.  She also calls for Storm Shadow.

The female attacker roars down a back road on a motorcycle, when she is suddenly confronted by a MARS attack helicopter.  The helmet slides back and reveals Jinx’s face!  Destro steps from the helicopter and speaks to her, referring to a contract he has put out on Cobra Commander’s life.  It has become quickly evident that Jinx is now the Arashikage Clan leader and she is working with Destro to try and take out Cobra Commander.  Destro has supplied Jinx with this cutting edge tech suit in order to do the deed.

Meanwhile in a back alley, Snake Eyes and Scarlett meet up with someone who slips them credentials to get into DeCobray’s penthouse.  He then sneaks Snake Eyes into the building as Scarlett monitors.  Soon enough Snake Eyes is inside Cobra’s own tower planting secret cameras in order to reveal Cobra’s secrets.  Suddenly Cobra Security arrives and rushes the building, forcing Snake Eyes to make a quick exit.  Cobra Security is clearing the building for Cobra Commander himself.  Baroness and Storm Shadow meet on the roof of the Cobra tower and Baroness tells Storm Shadow of the mysterious assassin.  Unknown to them, the assassin is nearby and planning an attack.  Snake Eyes suddenly springs into action, and the two ninja go head-to-head before Scarlett intervenes.

After the skirmish, Jinx reveals herself to the two Joes, and she obviously still has a grudge against her former Sensei.  Scarlett and Snake Eyes finally reveal the truth to Jinx about the assassination of Jinx’s uncle.  Jinx immediately breaks down and the two Joes notify her that her cousin is now working for Cobra.  However, Jinx is still adamant that she must complete her mission for honor’s sake.  The Joes try to stop her, but she zaps them with her suit and continues her operation.

Inside the penthouse building, The Baroness and Destro have a discussion about the potential assassination of Cobra Commander…and Destro starts talking about a contingency plan in the case of the Commander’s assassination.  Suddenly, Cobra Troopers enter and notify The Baroness that they have lost contact with security teams.  The reason soon becomes clear as Jinx tears through the guards like a knife through butter…until she runs into her cousin, Storm Shadow.

The two Arashikage ninja go against each other, but Jinx quickly reveals herself and tells Storm Shadow what the Joes told her.  Thomas looks very concerned, and we see a flashback revealing the true killer of the Hard Master…  Storm Shadow himself!  He had slipped poison into Snake Eyes’ drink hoping that Snake Eyes would die, but instead, the cups were switched and it was the Hard Master who paid the price.  Dejected, Storm Shadow wanders away, leaving the Commander vulnerable to the assassin.

Cobra Commander orders Destro to send a squad of B.A.T.s immediately, but the female ninja is already in the hidden room.  The Baroness fights back valiantly, but Jinx takes her out and corners the Commander, sword to his throat.  The Commander begs her to spare his life, and she has second thoughts.  Lowering her blade she turns away, but the Commander quickly lashes out with a laser, dropping her.  As she tries to pick herself up, the “Commander” walks over, quickly revealing himself as ZARTAN!  He had swapped places with Cobra Commander back at the mansion, and Jinx had fallen right into the trap.  Jinx quickly takes out Zartan and storms out of the bunker.

In the parking lot, Scarlett awakens, but finds that Snake Eyes has disappeared.  As Jinx reaches the rood, Destro’s squad of Battle Android Troopers arrives, but so does Snake Eyes just in time to back her up.  Soon, Storm Shadow is at their side as well, and amazingly, he proclaims that they will all “fight as one”.  The three ninja jump into the fray, making quick work of the B.A.T.s, and working together seamlessly.  After the battle, Storm Shadow confronts his ninja comrades, and shockingly admits the truth!  He admits that he was the one who poisoned the Hard Master.  He reveals his desire to kill Snake Eyes, and says that he does not deserve their forgiveness.  Looking lost, Storm Shadow leaps from the roof and vanishes into the night.

Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Jinx come to grips with the events, with Jinx swearing to lead the Arashikage Clan, but only to lead it forward.  She will lead the clan in her father’s image using technology as their tool.

Episode Review

See, with all that complaining I did last week…  this episode was exactly why!  This episode is what I know G.I. Joe: Renegades is capable of, which is why I get so annoyed when we sit through 20 minutes of Bio-Vipers and Mindbenders.  I really don’t know why the show gets bogged down in them, when it has the potential to be so much more.

This episode was fantastic.  From beginning to end, it was action-packed, captivating, it progressed the story, and added its own set of twists and turns.

I loved Jinx’s tech suit and the fact that Destro hired the Arashikage to assassinate Cobra Commander.  That rivalry is already brewing deep under the surface and it works amazingly well, even this early in the universe.  Throughout the episode, the animation was stellar, with exciting battle sequences, no punches pulled, and some real bare-knuckle brawling.

Obviously the real gem here, though, is the story.  The writers managed to weave all of these loose ends together, tying Jinx and Storm Shadow back to the main story without making it too convenient or hokey.  The whole twist about Storm Shadow killing his own beloved uncle was pretty inspired, and could serve to create a very conflicted character down the road.  Snake Eyes’ realization that Storm Shadow actually hated him enough to kill him was striking, and Jinx’s inner turmoil about wanting to hate her cousin, but not being able to.

We saw Destro, we saw Zartan, and we saw the early beginnings of The Baroness pulling away from Cobra and towards Destro.  Some great firefights, extensive ninja action, and perhaps maybe the birth of the Renegades version of the Night Creepers?  All told, this episode really had it all, and this is exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about an episode in the 20’s that should be offering looks at more characters and adding more depth to the universe.  We got all we bargained for here.  Terrific.

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Episode Details

Original Air Date: June 18, 2011
Writer: Greg Johnson
Director: Scott Bern

Easter Eggs

  1. In the Marvel Comics universe, the “Night Creepers” were martial artists and ninjas who used technology to enhance their skills.  Jinx’s speech at the end of the episode almost makes it seem like she is walking down that same path.