Episode Guide


Season One

Episodes 1 – 10

Episode One – The Descent (Part 1)

Original Air Date – November 26th, 2010
Synopsis – Part 1 of 2. Recruited soldiers escort Army intelligence to investigate Cobra’s facilities and are surprised by what they find.
Easter Eggs

  1. Cobra’s public slogan is “Knowing is half the battle” which is the famous line from the Sunbow cartoon series

Episode Two – The Descent (Part 2)

Original Air Date – November 26th, 2010
Synopsis – Conclusion. The Joes track a Cobra Bio-Viper while fleeing the military to evade punishment for a crime they did not commit.
Easter Eggs

  1. Cobra Commander’s voice actor is Charlie Adler, who also played him in G.I. Joe: Resolute and played Low Light in the old Sunbow series

Episode Three – Rage

Original Air Date – January 7th, 2011
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 8″, even though it’s actually “Episode 3″ in continuity)
Synopsis – Scrap-Iron kidnaps Tunnel Rat and uses him to test a weaponized exo-suit. Roadblock attempts a rescue by allowing himself to be kidnapped as well.
Easter Eggs

  1. Scrap Iron receives scarring to his face
  2. Destro makes mention of his private army “The Grenadiers”.
  3. Roadblock rhymes during conversation as a tribute to the Sunbow series “Leave or stay, I’m fine either way”.
  4. The canceled HISS Drone appears during Roadblock’s Mech training session
  5. Steeler appears as a homeless veteran who helps the Joe team
  6. Doc appears as a local city doctor who helps the Joe team

Episode Four – Dreadnoks Rising

Original Air Date – January 14th, 2011
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 9″, even though it’s actually “Episode 4″ in continuity)
Synopsis – The Joes go on a mission to stop Zartan and his motorcycle gang from terrorizing a small town.
Easter Eggs

  1. Zartan at one point tells the sheriff to go buy some jelly donuts.  In the comic book, the Dreadnoks’ favorite meal was grape soda and jelly donuts

Episode Five – The Package

Original Air Date – December 3rd, 2010
Episode Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 3″, even though it’s actually “Episode 5″ in continuity)
Synopsis – Major Bludd tracks down a target for assassination.
Easter Eggs

  1. Major Bludd loses his eye

Episode Six – Return of the Arashikage (Part 1)

Original Air Date – December 10th, 2010
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 4″, even though it’s actually “Episode 6″ in continuity)
Synopsis – Part 1 of 2. The Joes train with Snake Eyes at his dojo and learn about his connection to Storm Shadow.
Easter Eggs

  1. Hard Master’s voice actor (Keone Young) also played Storm Shadow in the 80’s Sunbow television series
  2. Jinx appears as Snake Eyes’ student and cousin of Storm Shadow

Episode Seven – Return of the Arashikage (Part 2)

Original Air Date – December 17th, 2010
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 5″, even though it’s actually “Episode 7″ in continuity)
Synopsis – Conclusion of 2. The Joe team regroups after an ambush from Storm Shadow. Now they must come up with a plan to rescue Jinx, who has been kidnapped.

Episode Eight – Busted

Original Air Date – January 28th, 2011
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 10″, even though it’s actually “Episode 8″ in continuity)
Synopsis – Duke is arrested while buying parts for the Coyote, and the Joes have to break him out of jail before others can find him.
Easter Eggs

  1. The Warden calls his fighting ring “The Arena of Sport” a term which was made famous by a similar concept in the original G.I. Joe miniseries from Sunbow
  2. One of the guards goes by the name Levigne and has  a German Shepard partner.  Both of these qualities match up with G.I. Joe Military Policeman Law & Order

Episode Nine – The Enemy of my Enemy

Original Air Date – February 4th, 2011
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 11″, even though it’s actually “Episode 9″ in continuity)
Synopsis – The Joes penetrate a Cobra facility where an exo-armor weapon is being developed.
Easter Eggs

  1. Mindbender refers to Scrap Iron as “Scarface” a clear tribute to the character from the Marvel Comic series
  2. Cobra Commander’s oversized snake is named “Serpentor”, just like the would-be Cobra Emperor from the vintage days

Episode Ten – Firefight

Original Air Date – February 11, 2011
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 12″, even though it’s actually “Episode 10″ in continuity)
Synopsis – The Joes try to destroy a bio-viper facility, but are hindered by Firefly, a saboteur for Cobra.
Easter Eggs

  1. Cobra Fireman “Kelly” is actually a tribute to G.I. Joe team member Barbecue

Episodes 11 – 20

Episode Eleven – Homecoming (Part 1)

Original Air Date – December 24th, 2010
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 6″, even though it’s actually “Episode 11″ in continuity)
Synopsis – Part 1 of 2. Duke protects his family, who have been targeted by Cobra, while the team sneaks into Cobra’s Christmas party.
Easter Eggs

  1. Duke’s father Max’s voice actor was Michael Bell, who played Duke in the 80’s Sunbow series
  2. Duke’s mother Connie’s voice actress was BJ Ward, who played Scarlett in the 80’s Sunbow series
  3. Duke’s father’s name was Max, which was also his name in the Devils’ Due America’s Elite series
  4. The logo on the helmet of Duke’s high school football team was reminiscent of the “Rise of Cobra” G.I. Joe logo
  5. Cobra’s delivery company, “ASP” is a snake themed name, and a tribute to the classic Cobra vehicle
  6. Duke’s little brother’s name is Vincent (or Vinnie) which is also the first name of Joe character Lt. Falcon.  In the Sunbow series, Lt. Falcon was Duke’s half-brother.

Episode Twelve – Homecoming (Part 2)

Original Air Date – December 24th, 2010
Original Air Order(This Episode was originally aired as “Episode 7″, even though it’s actually “Episode 12″ in continuity)
Synopsis – Conclusion. Baroness tries to hijack the Joes as they’re being transported by Flint and Lady Jaye, so she can gain control of the secrets stored on Cobra’s drive.
Easter Eggs

  1. Stalker (call sign Stalker-1) appears in a Duke flashback
  2. Tripwire (Private Skooog) appears in a Duke flashback

Episode Thirteen – Brothers of Light

Original Air Date – March 11, 2011
Synopsis – Tomax and Xamot entrance the Joes and hold them in a commune

Episode Fourteen – Knock Offs

Original Air Date – March 18, 2011
Synopsis – Lady Jaye and Flint use Zartan to track the Joes. Meanwhile, the Baroness tries to sneak a camouflage suit to Cobra
Easter Eggs

  1. The Copter pilot is none other than William “Wild Bill” Hardy, and there is even a cow skull on his helicopter celebrating his Western heritage.
  2. Roadblock references his “cousin Herschel”.  In the later G.I. Joe continuity, Roadblocks’ cousin is Heavy Duty, who’s real name in The Rise of Cobra was “Herschel Dalton”

Episode Fifteen – Whiteout

Original Air Date – March 25, 2011
Synopsis – The prototype Shadow-Vipers and Storm Shadow follow the Joes to Canada, where they are hiding out with Snow Job.
Easter Eggs

  1. The wild wolf that Snake Eyes rescues is a clear homage to Timber, and is even named as such at the end of the episode.
  2. Snow Job’s teammate “Frostbite” uses Frostbite’s name, but seems to be a much more direct homage to Iceberg.  He uses a snowboard, as Iceberg did in the 90’s, and the snowboard is even white and green as Iceberg’s original uniform was.  Why he uses Frostbite’s name is uncertain.

Episode Sixteen – Shipwrecked

Original Air Date – April 16, 2011
Synopsis – Sea captain Shipwreck helps the Joes transport a bio-viper canister to Abernathy in Washington.
Easter Eggs

  1. Delgado’s ship was named “Courtney” after the model Courtney Krieger.  Joe fans, of course, know her better as Cover Girl
  2. In Delgado’s ship, the Joes are approached by an Aircraft Carrier in the distance.  When it hails them over the radio, it identifies itself as the USS Flagg, a name we all know only too well.

Episode Seventeen – Castle Destro

Original Air Date – April 23, 2011
Synopsis – In Scotland, the Joes become trapped in Destro’s castle while on a mission investigating a Cobra weapon.
Easter Eggs

  1. Destro creates new Battle Android Troopers, based on the original Real American Hero B.A.T.s.  These B.A.Ts sport black, red, and gold paint schemes, which are reminiscent of the classic Iron Grenadier colors.

Episode Eighteen – Union of the Snake

Original Air Date – April 30, 2011
Synopsis – The Joes uncover a mind-control scheme at the baroness’s château.
Easter Eggs

  1. In this episode “Red Star” is a member of a Russian rebel group called “Otkober Guard” who battles against the Cisarovna lineage.   In the original Marvel Comics series, the “Oktober Guard” was a Russian military organization, which often found itself faced off against the American G.I. Joe team.
  2. Tomax and Xamot escape at the end, and are in the midst of a number of corporate CEO’s, wondering how to spread their influence.  In the Sunbow cartoon, the Crimson Twins were already CEO’s of a company called Extensive Enterprises.  Could this be how they get their start?
  3. When the CEO’s are being brainwashed, on the screens of the phones and computers, the familiar COBRA logo is shown for the first time in the series.

Episode Nineteen – The Anaconda Strain

Original Air Date – May 7, 2011
Synopsis – The Joes uncover a deadly virus while searching for a missing scientist and learn of Cobra’s plan to profit from the sale of its antidote.
Easter Eggs

  1. The Cobra Scientist Kurt Schnerr is none other than classic G.I. Joe character Airtight.  He even wears a yellow and green uniform at the end in tribute to the original character.
  2. Schnerr’s partner Dr. Monev is inspired by and most likely is in fact the classic Marvel Comics character “Dr. Venom”.  If you flip the last name around, you can see for yourself, and a recent release of a Dr. Venom figure by the Collectors’ Club states his last name as “Monev”.

Episode Twenty – Prodigal

Original Air Date – May 14, 2011
Synopsis – Cobra’s medical facility is raided by the Joes, who are searching for Patient X.
Easter Eggs

  1. Helicopter pilot “Sikorski” who works for the Government, is Victor Sikorski, also known as “Lift Ticket”
  2. Cobra Commander wears a full face battle helmet, which is an homage to his original mask from the 80’s

Episodes 21 – 26

Episode Twenty-One – The Anomaly

Original Air Date – June 11, 2011
Synopsis – The Joes head to New York to find a missing kid. While investigating, they encounter a Sewer Viper being pursued by a Mindbender.
Easter Eggs

Episode Twenty-Two – Cutting Edge

Original Air Date – June 18, 2011
Synopsis – A Cobra commander is attacked by a ninja and forced to escape to his secure facility. Meanwhile, Snake Eyes and Scarlett sneak into the commander’s facility.
Easter Eggs

  1. In the Marvel Comics universe, the “Night Creepers” were martial artists and ninjas who used technology to enhance their skills.  Jinx’s speech at the end of the episode almost makes it seem like she is walking down that same path.

Episode Twenty-Three – Cousins

Original Air Date – June 25, 2011
Synopsis – Flint gets help from Heavy Duty to capture Roadblock. Meanwhile, Major Budd seeks revenge against the Joes.
Easter Eggs

Episode Twenty-Four – Going Underground

Original Air Date – July 9, 2011
Synopsis – While investigating an earthquake, the Joes discover underground tunnels being constructed by Cobra.
Easter Eggs

Episode Twenty-Five – Revelations (Part 1)

Original Air Date – July 16, 2011
Synopsis – Cobra works to finalize deployment of the MASS device; Scarlett holds the key to its use.
Easter Eggs

Episode Twenty-Six – Revelations (Part 2)

Original Air Date – July 23, 2011
Synopsis – The Joes infiltrate Cobra’s stronghold to stop them from utilizing the MASS device.
Easter Eggs