Snow Job

An old teammate of Tunnel Rat, Snow Job is hiding in a remote area of Canada.  At one point, Tunnel Rat, Snow Job, and Frostbite were all teammates serving on an Arctic team, when an avalanche buried Snow Job and Frostbite alive.  Only Snow Job made it out.  This traumatic experience has left him a loner, living in a remote cabin away from the world.

When Tunnel Rat leads the Renegade G.I. Joe team to Snow Job’s cabin in order to lay low from Canadian authorities, Snow Job is hesitant to help.  But when Storm Shadow and the Shadow-Vipers launch an attack against them, Snow Job helps fight them off, and even blows his cabin in order to save the team.

Voice ActorNolan North

Important Episodes:

  • Episode 15 – Whiteout – First appearance and helps the Joes fight off Storm Shadow and a team of Shadow-Vipers