A crusty and unlikable sea captain, Hector Delgado used to work for Cobra Industries before he refused to take care of some of their dirty work.  Cobra sabotaged his boat and blamed him for the wreck, essentially ruining his career and forcing him into a life of transport and sea fishing off the Canadian coast.

When they need assistance transporting mysterious Cobra material to Washington, DC, the Joes enlist the aid of Captain “Shipwreck” Delgado.  When the material they’re transporting turns out to be a deadly Cobra “Techno-Viper” experiment, Delgado assists them in getting rid of it and saves Roadblock’s life in the process.  With Delgado’s assistance, the Joes move across the Atlantic to face down Destro in his Scotland headquarters.

Voice ActorCarlos Alazraqui

Important Episodes: