Red Star

Captain Anatoly “Red Star” Krimov’s Russian lineage goes back for generations, and during those generations, a long-standing feud with the aristocratic Cisarovna family has formed.  While the rich and arrogant Cisarovna’s continued to earn their wealth on the back’s of hard working familys like the Krimov’s, generational discontent turned into action.  Red Star swore on his family’s graves that he would continue to battle against the Cisarovna clan, and brings a barrage of explosives to The Baroness’ family chateau in Eastern Europe.  However, when he runs into the “too noble for their own good” G.I. Joe team, he has to rethink his strategy.  In the end, Red Star finds new allies with the Joes, and while neither team agrees with the other’s tactics, they all have an immense respect for each other.

Voice Actor: Liam O’Brien

Important Episodes: