Kurt “Airtight” Schnerr

Kurt Schnerr was an optimistic bio-chemist who was going to use his intelligence and drive to make the world a better place.  Determined to use his skills to help developing countries, Schnerr ended up in Mexico with his adopted daughter Elena, working for Cobra Industries.  However, Schnerr had no idea what his employers actually had planned and after inadvertently becoming Patient 0 in one of his own experiments, the evil truths of Cobra Industries began to be revealed… unfortunately, the most evil truths came at a consequence.  Schnerr is now a a carrier for his most lethal experiments, and is constrained to an “Airtight” suit until he can find a permanent cure.

Working with the Renegade Joes, Dr. Schnerr continues to tirelessly investigate the effects of the Anaconda Strain and try to go back to his normal life.

Voice Actor: Troy Baker

Important Episodes: