Lady Jaye

Sgt. Alison Hart-Burnett

A tough and scrappy, “one of the guys” Latina, the “Lady” in ALISON “LADY JAYE” HART- BURNETT is ironic.  She and CONRAD “DUKE” HAUSER also have a history together (CONRAD “DUKE” HAUSER once saved her life), and she finds it much harder to believe the accusations brought against him and his team.  Recruited by DASHIELL “FLINT” FAIREBORN to aid in his pursuit of the G.I. Joe team, she secretly feeds the G.I. Joe team Intel so they might avoid capture, and provides them with access and much-needed supplies in their battle against Cobra.


From The HubShe’s tough, scrappy, and “one of the guys.” So when they call Sergeant Alison Hart-Burnett “Lady Jaye,” it’s almost a joke. She’s supposed to be working to bring in the Joes, but Lady Jaye owes Duke one, because he once saved her life. So she secretly feeds his team intel to keep them out of Flint’s clutches, and she also helps them with their battle against COBRA.

Voice ActorNika Futterman

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