General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy

General Clayton Abernathy

A commanding officer who walks with a cane due to a combat injury, but is still tough-as-nails.  GENERAL CLAYTON ABERNATHY doesn’t trust the smiling face of Cobra, but knows they carry a tremendous amount of political influence. There’s some evidence that he may believe in the evidence of the G.I. Joe team. Regardless, GENERAL CLAYTON ABERNATHY still feels the G.I. Joe team should turn themselves in, and has no qualms about ordering DASHIELL “FLINT” FAIREBORN to capture the Fugitives.


From The HubDon’t think he’s weak because he walks with a cane. General Clayton Abernathy is tough as nails. He doesn’t totally trust COBRA, but he’s not exactly on the G.I. Joe team’s side. After all, he’s the one who ordered Flint to bring them in.

Voice ActorLee Majors

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