Warrant Officer Dashiell Faireborn

Commands The Falcons; a military task force assigned to hunt down the Joes.

Now a highly-decorated military officer, DASHIELL “FLINT” FAIREBORN shares a rivalry with CONRAD “DUKE” HAUSER that goes back to their high school football days.  And since DASHIELL “FLINT” FAIREBORN knows CONRAD “DUKE” HAUSER better than anyone, he’s put in charge of tracking CONRAD “DUKE” HAUSER down. Wearing his signature beret, DASHIELL “FLINT” FAIREBORN can seem cocky and egotistical upon first meeting, but – underneath — he’s a very decent man who sees a very clear line between “right” and “wrong.” He has no patience for Cobra conspiracy tales, however, and is all about successfully completing his mission: the capture of the fugitive G.I. Joe team.


From The HubThe highly decorated leader of military task force The Falcons is in charge of catching the G.I. Joes. Flint, aka Warrant Officer Dashiell Faireborn, has been locking horns with Duke since high school, and that’s why he’s tracking Duke now. Flint might seem cocky, but he’s a decent guy … even if he doesn’t believe COBRA is evil and is all about bringing in Duke’s team.

Voice ActorJohnny Messner

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