Tunnel Rat

Private First Class Nicky Lee

Medic and Infiltration Specialist

Weapon of choice: Plasma Pulse Sub-Machine Gun

Of Asian descent and hailing from Brooklyn, NICKY “TUNNEL RAT” LEE is an eccentric medic with a prickly high-strung personality and attitude. He spent a lot of his youth exploring subway and sewer tunnels.  As a result, NICKY “TUNNEL RAT” LEE is most comfortable in dark, confined places and possesses an arcane knowledge of soil, worms, insects, fungus, and anything else that thrives under or in the ground.  Known for his biting sense of humor, as well as his nostril-burning scent.


From The Hub – Smell something stinky? It’s probably Tunnel Rat. Private First Class Nicky Lee is an offbeat medic who grew up exploring Brooklyn’s subway and sewer tunnels, and he’s still totally at home in dark, gross places. Tunnel Rat knows more than anyone about dirt, worms, bugs, and whatever else is underground. He’s got a major attitude, but he’s also a funny guy. Seriously.

Voice ActorMatthew Yang King

Important Episodes: