Snake Eyes



Weapon(s) of choice: Sword and Plasma Pulse Uzi

A mute, masked man-of-mystery — not officially affiliated with the military – SNAKE EYES was a mercenary whom SHANA “SCARLETT” O’HARA occasionally utilized for special missions.  He was well-trained by the secretive Arashikage clan in the ways of the Ninja. A loner who’s not used to working with others, even after SNAKE EYES “joins” the Joes on the road, he comes and goes as he pleases. SHANA “SCARLETT” O’HARA knows him well enough to “translate” what he’s thinking; rumors abound amongst the team that their relationship is more than just master and disciple. The G.I. Joe team depends upon the “shadow warrior” skills of SNAKE EYES to stay one step ahead of their pursuers, and his profound sense of honor keeps him “attached” to the G.I. Joe team and their cause.


From The Hub – He doesn’t talk, but he doesn’t need to. Snake Eyes says it all with his ninja sword and Plasma Pulse Uzi. Trained by the ace Arashikage clan, this masked mercenary used to show up just for special missions whenever Scarlett called. She can “translate” what he’s thinking. He’s not used to teamwork, but now that he’s joined G.I. Joe, his sense of honor won’t let him walk away.

Voice Actor:  N/A

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