Lt. Shauna O’Hara

Intel specialist

Weapon of choice: High Tech Plasma Pulse Crossbow

A sophisticated, well-educated big city girl, SHANA “SCARLETT” O’HARA is a conspiracy theorist and truth seeker, especially when it comes to Cobra.  She began her military career as a computer jockey, but wanted to get her hands dirty, so began training in Ninjitsu under SNAKE EYES.  SHANA “SCARLETT” O’HARA is skilled at undercover work, and can maneuver her way around a boardroom or high-society reception.  But, she has little actual combat experience.  She can grow impatient and condescending with those she deems less intelligent than she (which is basically everyone on the team excepting SNAKE EYES), but she quickly comes to realize she can learn a lot from the “ordinary” G.I. Joe team.


From The Hub – She knows computers — and she’s a mean shot with her High Tech Plasma Pulse Crossbow. Lieutenant Shana “Scarlett” O’Hara is an ace undercover agent who loves digging up the truth about COBRA. Her special link to Snake Eyes, who trained her in Ninjitsu, comes in handy too.

Voice ActorNatalia Cigliuti

Important Episodes: