Cpl Marvin Hinton

Heavy Ordinance Specialist; Mechanic \ Driver; Chef

Weapon of choice: Big Plasma Pulse Machine Gun

MARVIN “ROADBLOCK” HINTON is a brawny African-American country boy from Biloxi.  He’s a guitar playing head banger who’s constantly blasting heavy metal though his headphones, and singing along.  He’s cheerful… boisterous… a chatterbox.  As the team’s de facto chef, his culinary specialties tend toward roadkill.  MARVIN “ROADBLOCK” HINTON keeps his positive outlook intact even during the most dangerous of situations…which is pretty much every situation since the G.I. Joe team have been on the run, trying to clear their names and take down Cobra.


From The Hub – If roadkill’s on the menu, Roadblock must be cooking. Corporal Marvin Hinton is the team’s chef and mechanic — and the heavy weapons guy. (You can tell by that cool big Plasma Pulse Machine Gun he’s got.) Roadblock’s a cheerful loudmouth who loves singing along to the heavy metal in his headphones — but he’s totally serious when it comes to getting the Joes out of danger.

Voice ActorKevin Michael Richardson

Important Episodes:

  • Episode 1 – The Descent (Part 1) – First Appearance
  • Episode 3 – Rage – Gets captured by MARS to test some prototype Exo-Armor.  Uses the armor to take down James McCullen and Scrap Iron.  Also causes the explosion that scars Scrap Iron’s face.
  • Episode 8 – Busted – Helps Duke inside a prison to take down an illegal fight ring run by the twisted warden.