Private Wallace Weems

HALO jumper/specialist

Weapon of choice: Plasma Pulse Sub-Machine Gun

A Fresh-faced African-American rookie who’s eager to prove himself, WALLACE “RIPCORD” WEEMS is an extreme-sport daredevil who is seemingly fearless in battle, and cracks wise every chance he gets.  Arguably, his attempts at humor can get a little grating; just ask NICKY “TUNNEL RAT” LEE.


From The Hub – This extreme-sports daredevil isn’t afraid to do anything, and he’s always got a joke to tell. Usually a bad one. Private Wallace “Ripcord” Weems is a rookie looking to prove himself, and he’s always ready for combat with his Plasma Pulse Sub-Machine Gun. Maybe if his jokes were as good as his battle skills, he wouldn’t bug Tunnel Rat so much.

Voice ActorKhary Payton

Important Episodes:

  • Episode 1 – The Descent (Part 1) – First Appearance.  Mission to Cobra Industries goes horribly wrong…
  • Episode 20 – Prodigal – Ripcord is revealed to be alive, but a Cobra experiment, and when a Cobra drone gets close enough, he undergoes a frightening transformation.
  • Episode 21 – The Anomaly – Ripcord comes face-to-face with Dr. Mindbender, and in battle with another Bio-Viper, fries his chip and frees him from Cobra’s control.