Tomax & Xamot

Identical twins with fantastical abilities in hypnotic persuasion and mind control, TOMAX and XAMOT began as crooked cult leaders who harnessed their powers to fleece “Believers” – including BRIAN “MINDBENDER” BENDER.  Despite being enslaved by Cobra, the Twins plan to enhance their natural abilities and unleash their wrath upon the world. The key to their success lies in their connection to one another, a telepathic force so strong that if one twin is struck, the other feels every bit of pain.

Voice Actor:  Unknown

Important Episodes:

  • Episode 13 – “Brothers of Light” – First appearance and history of the Crimson Twins
  • Episode 15 – “Whiteout” – Mindbender uses Tomax and Xamot’s mental link to infuse prototype Shadow-Vipers with a mental link between them and Storm Shadow.
  • Episode 18 – Union of the Snake – Continuing to use the Twins as brainwashing instruments backfires when the Joes destroy a satellite and the two Twins awaken from their captivity.  Overpowering their Cobra captors, Tomax & Xamot escape and vow to use corporate telecommunications as a vehicle to spread their influence.