The Baroness

Anastasia Cisarovna

ANASTASIA “BARONESS” CISAROVNA, is Cobra Industries’ communications director and chief architect of their benevolent public face.  She’s also a ruthless, femme fatale corporate saboteur, chiefly responsible for covering-up Cobra’s nefarious tracks by eliminating witnesses and tying-up loose ends.  As such, she has made the hunt for the G.I. Joe team her top priority.


From The HubThe woman behind COBRA Industries’ friendly public face is really a cruel cover-up artist in charge of hiding COBRA’s true goal of world domination. Anastasia “Baroness” Cisarovna is also a femme fatale and a corporate saboteur. She’ll stop at nothing to silence witnesses and tie up dangerous loose ends.

Voice ActorTatyana Yassukovich

Important Episodes: