Storm Shadow

Tomisaburo Arashikage

Driven by pride and jealousy, TOMISABURO “STORM SHADOW” ARASHIKAGE trained alongside SNAKE EYES, whom he blames for the murder of their Uncle – The Hard Master (one-time patriarch of the Arashikage clan).  After catching a glimpse of SNAKE EYES on Cobra news footage, TOMISABURO “STORM SHADOW” ARASHIKAGE tracks his nemesis down, and resumes their blood feud.  When ANASTASIA “BARONESS” CISAROVNA learns of same, she offers TOMISABURO “STORM SHADOW” ARASHIKAGE the resources to turn the Arashikage into the most powerful criminal force in the world, in exchange for his occasional freelance services as assassin… and bodyguard to Cobra Commander.


From The HubHe once trained with Snake Eyes under their uncle The Hard Master, head of the Arashikage clan. But when their master was murdered, Tomisaburo Arashikage blamed Snake Eyes — and swore to get even. So when the Baroness offered incredible power to the criminal Arashikage clan, Storm Shadow became a COBRA assassin … and bodyguard to COBRA Commander himself.

Voice ActorAndrew Kishino

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