Scrap Iron

Working for James McCullen and his company MARS, the man known only as Scrap Iron is a technical genius and one of McCullen’s most trusted engineers.  His astute technical ability helped create the enhanced exo-armor for MARS, which MARS attempts to sell to Cobra Industries.

Scrap Iron is also the man behind the creation of the Rage enhancement, designed to temporarily enhance the fighting ability of their soldiers by using sound waves.  When Scrap Iron and McCullen’s Chicago research lab is busted by the Renegade soldiers, Scrap Iron is disfigured and the two just barely escape, living to fight another day.

Voice Actor: Phil LaMarr

Important Episodes

  • Episode 3 – Rage – First appearance and operation to embed the Exo-Armor with the “Rage” soundwaves
  • Episode 9 – Enemy of my Enemy – Works alongside McCullen on a Cobra weapons barge.  The full extent of his disfigurement (and a new uniform) are revealed.