Dr. Mindbender

Dr. Brian Bender

DR. BRIAN “MINDBENDER” BENDER is head of Cobra’s secretive bio-tech division. A gifted, brash genius in genetic engineering, cloning, mutation and cellular regeneration, DR. MINDBENDER is full of youthful enthusiasm for his work — even though it typically involves the dangerous, the unethical, and the illegal. Cobra’s secret Bio Viper program provides the perfect playground for this deranged scientist; what DR. MINDBENDER lacks in conscience, he makes up for with attitude.


From The HubHe’s the young mad genius in charge of COBRA’s secret Bio Viper program. Dr. Brian Bender, aka Dr. Mindbender, is crazy — as in completely nuts — about genetics, mutation, and cloning. So what if his experiments are totally dangerous … and super illegal? He’s got attitude to spare.

Voice ActorCharlie Schlatter

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