James McCullen

A Scottish weapons dealer/manufacturer descended from a long line of magnates, JAMES “DESTRO” MCCULLEN began M.A.R.S. Industries as a competitor to Cobra, until M.A.R.S. was acquired by COBRA COMMANDER in a VERY hostile takeover. As “punishment” for crimes against the “Snake”, JAMES “DESTRO” MCCULLEN is forced to wear an irremovable metal helmet. He now serves Cobra with his technologically-advanced designs and business acumen, all while biding his time until he can overthrow COBRA COMMANDER and regain control of his family business.


From the HubHe learned the hard way not to go up against COBRA. Arms dealer James “Destro” McCullen started M.A.R.S. Industries to compete with COBRA … until COBRA took it over by force. Now COBRA Commander makes Destro wear a metal helmet he can never remove, and he uses Destro’s tech skills and weapon designs to keep COBRA strong. Destro’s just itching for revenge.

Voice ActorClancy Brown

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