Cobra Commander

AKA Adam DeCobray

The leader of Cobra who hides behind the very public persona of ADAM DECOBRAY, the benevolent, reclusive CEO of Cobra Industries –  a man who doesn’t actually exist (except as simulated video images).  The real COBRA COMMANDER is a mysterious, masked megalomaniac who believes humanity is doomed, and must be destroyed and replaced with something better.  While not physically intimidating, COBRA COMMANDER inspires tremendous fear and wields incredible power.


From The HubHe may be the friendly face of COBRA Industries, but Adam DeCOBRAy is not what he seems. In fact, the head of COBRA doesn’t even exist — except on video. DeCOBRAy is the public image of the shadowy COBRA Commander, a mysterious masked man who plans to take over the world and believes mankind is doomed. He doesn’t look like much, but this dude is scary and uber powerful.

Voice ActorCharlie Adler

Important Episodes:

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