JoeCon 2011 – G.I. Joe: Renegades Panel Recap

I’ve been relaying all of my JoeCon news through the main site, and it occurs to me that folks might not be hitting that site from here, so I just wanted to repeat some of the news events that came out of JoeCon last weekend in Orlando.

This recap will feature a very detailed, spoiler-ific rundown of Episode 17 “Castle Destro” which was premiered at the Con.

irst, the disappointing news…at least for Day One, there really isn’t much new toy-wise to look at.  Mostly what we’ve seen from Toy Fair with some additional box shots.  However, the Hasbro sneak peek panel is tomorrow at 11:00am Eastern time, so generally after that is over, we get to check out some of the new and exciting stuff coming down the pipe.

For now, this is how things are shaking:

  • G.I. Joe: Renegades Panel

Big thanks to the folks behind the Terror Drome Twitter Feed, the JoeBattleLines Twitter Feed, Toy News International, and, who did a fantastic job gathering the intel altogether so I could easily snag some highpoints.  Also a big thanks to GeneralsJoes rep “on the ground “kennywr22″ who has been shooting intel to me throughout the day.

The Renegades Panel covered pretty much what the community has been talking about over the past 2 weeks, which is the “hiatus” of the Renegades animated series after Season One.  Hasbro reps at the Con are adamant that it is just a “hiatus” and not a cancellation, and in fact that G.I. Joe animation is assured for 2012.  What form that animation will take is another matter entirely, and not one that the Hasbro reps would elaborate one.

Terminology certainly seemed to indicate it would most likely not be a direct continuation of the Renegades universe.  The Hasbro reps certainly seemed equally as frustrated as the fans when discussing the cancellation/hiatus.

One interesting note, when kenny spoke with them about the “cancellation” there were immediate and insistent that it was NOT “cancelled” but only on hiatus, and that this hiatus would not seriously impact the toy release.

At this point there are at least 12 Renegades themed figures to be released throughout 2011, and Renegades toys will continue to be produced up until the G.I. Joe sequel toys.  One highlight of the G.I. Joe: Renegades panel was a showing of an upcoming episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades, entitled “Castle Destro”.  This is slated as Episode 17 and should air April 22nd.  The following events may contain spoilers:

  • The Joe team travels to Scotland
  • They get trapped within Destro’s Castle and their weapons stop functioning
  • Destro and the Baroness are allying with each other
  • New weapon being designed as a Bio-Viper deployment device
  • In the Castle, the Joes are attacked by prototype Battle Android Troopers!
  • The B.A.T.s are black and red bodies with gold faceplates and reminiscent of the old school versions
  • The Joes blow a hole in the castle and attempt escape with Destro plane
  • HISS Tanks appear (in the Pursuit of Cobra style) and shoot down the plane
  • Duke is thought to be dead, rest of the Joes are re-captured
  • Duke is not dead, shows up in MARS Mech suit, blows up Bio-Viper delivery rocket and frees the other Joes
  • BATs and Mech suits battle it out, as Destro rescues the Baroness from the carnage
  • The Baroness and Destro have an implied union, both not entirely trusting of Cobra Commander

The episode seems to have received rave reviews from folks who have seen it, which is par for the course, considering the series is really clicking on all cylinders just before it’s been canceled.

A little later on, I’ll do some recap for the toys, but again, not really a whole lot of new stuff to talk about.