Correct episode order confirmed, and episode guide revamped

So, folks who visit the main site at already know that we received some answers to a special “Bonus Round” of G.I. Joe: Renegades Q & A’s!  I submitted a question about the correct order of the Renegades episodes, and was treated by a very in depth and invaluable response!

A: Well, first of all, the whole G.I.JOE RENEGADES team says “thank you” for the “thanks,” and that we really and truly appreciate the amazing fan feedback we’ve received thusfar.  We are also kind of thrilled that you were watching closely enough to figure out that our episodes were aired a little out of order.

There were several factors that contributed to the “not quite the way we intended,” most of them too boring to get into here.  But, yes., the DVD release will have the episodes in their proper chronological order.

And that order is as follows:

  1. The Descent Pt. 1
  2. The Descent Pt. 2
  3. Rage
  4. Dreadnoks Rising
  5. The Package
  6. Return of the Arashikage Pt. 1
  7. Return of the Arashikage Pt. 2
  8. Busted
  9. The Enemy of My Enemy
  10. Firefight
  11. Homecoming Pt. 1
  12. Homecoming Pt. 2, and so on…

In a nutshell, we premiered a little later in the year than we originally planned to, but still wanted to get the Xmas-themed episodes on-air BEFORE the holidays.  In the future, the Hub will rerun the episodes in their original order.”

So, as a result of this information, I have totally revamped the Episode Guide.  I placed all of the episodes in the proper continuity order, yet also referenced the actual airing order within each episode entry.

Check out the revamped Episode Guide right here!